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Direct Mail Growth in 2019 - A New Era

Aug 13, 2019 1:24:47 PM / by The Hub Labels Crew posted in Direct Mail


Since 1999, everyone has heard that print is dying but here we are in 2019 and print marketing is as strong as ever. Printed marketing pieces, such as direct mail, have seen tremendous growth in 2019 and it shows no signs of slowing down. Direct mail has proven that it is still a required tool to drive results for any campaign effort and maximize your marketing ROI. With the internet and social media over inundating our lives, people have become immune and detached from digital marketing efforts. Marketers have started to incorporate direct mail premiums such as address labels, window clings, and bumper stickers, back into their marketing tool box and are finding great success with those efforts.

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Design Tips for Luxury Retail Labels

Aug 12, 2019 9:57:55 AM / by The Hub Labels Crew posted in Label Design


It has happened to all of us. We go to the store and a well-designed, shiny package on the store shelves captures our eye. We must touch it and roll it over in our hands while we imagine how much this glorious product could change our life. A well-designed package is more than just a box. It excites us and makes us feel like we must have this piece of luxury. What are the sensory triggers that tell our brain that the product we are holding is a luxe product and worthy of our investment?

Touch and Feel
Luxury awakens our emotions. It has a weight and an edge to it that is easily recognizable. Nothing thrills a consumer more than when they pick up a package and are surprised by an incredibly soft touch, it’s heaviness and the clean, crisp edges that make up a package. As a person unveils the contents of a box, incorporate little surprises along the way and don’t forget to extend that attributes of the luxe box to the product and its label.

Visual Experience
Textiles, patterns, and clean simple design are all good ways to communicate to the end user the value of your product. There are countless substrates and laminations that can create a unique look to grab the consumer’s attention. Linens, woods, leather, metal – An experienced label printer can help you achieve these looks that extend beyond the graphics and create an interactive experience. Use contrasting finishes and be sure to understand how light bounces off of these finishes when displayed to create the memorable experience for the consumer.

Quality Control
Creating a unique end user experience through your packaging is an impressive feat. How do you continue to do that on a bigger scale and without the focus you had on the process while creating your prototype? Be sure to understand every step of your package creation and think about climate control, brand consistency, shipping dangers and all the elements on the path from your door to the consumer’s door that could change the user experience.

When printing your product’s labels, ask yourself what you expect from your label? Color is subjective and the hardest thing to understand is that color is all in your head. Certain print shops are certified color management experts and have the technical knowledge to product your brand’s color on a consistent manner. Also consider the adhesive being used. Simple glue will result in a fraying label that may fall completely off. Know the conditions of your package and where/how it will be stored and then work with your print shop to ensure your adhesive is up to the job.

A well-designed product requires we interact with it and really examine how it is crafted. By taking that a step further and considering all of our senses from sight and smell to touch and sound, you can create the ultimate luxury package experience.

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Paralyzed Veterans of America - Thomas' Mountain Bike Trip Journal

Aug 25, 2017 9:33:00 AM / by The Hub Labels Crew posted in Community


8/21/2017 - Day 1

The day started with a 3am wake up call. All packed and ready to go headed out the door at 4am BWI-DFW first leg. DFW-flight was on time and off to Montrie to meet Jody Shifler-the event organizer, Mark and Linda Power along with Luke and Brianna from the Adaptive Sports Center

Off to Crested Butte 2 hour drive.

Arrived Crested Butte and all is well. Met all the athletes and got briefed by the ASC staff about the exciting week to come finished off with Pizza and water. Crested Butte is at 8880 feet. Nothing to mess with so water and NO booze. Skiing is one thing but mountain biking at this altitude should be exciting. The highlight of the briefing was finding out that one of the rides is a 2-1/2 mile hill climb and 1,000 feet of climbing. That will be a record for me and at this altitude should be interesting.

Monday is planned to get our bikes checked out and out for an easy 10 mile ride in the low country. Low country is above 9,000 feet. I'll be working on getting used to using the go pros and adding footage to my diary.

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